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What is truth - do you know?

Can anything be said about truth?

Is that even what you are really interested in?

Or is it merely entertainment and vanity;

Of a position to further dominate another.

You say:

An authority has given me truth but I do not understand

But I accept their authority so I shall repeat it to another.

And by repetition it shall become clear to me.

Then I shall use this truth to draw my own following.

Is this not exactly what you are seeking?

Do you see the subtleness of this process?

This entire process is created from confusion, is it not?

You do not know precisely what you are looking for,

So you go about looking around.

You see someone who speaks with conviction.

He has gained an audience.

And you say:

I must have it. I must know what he knows.

That is what most of us are really doing - isn’t it?

Because the mind is full of confusion,

Because we do not know what our life really is.

We do not want to look at it ourselves.

We want another to tell us.

We have heard a million years of propaganda,

What the authority has told us.

Be present, be mindful, let go, meditate

But we do not understand.

So we repeat it.

But this repetition creates confusion,

Because the word is not the thing.

And you cling to this repetition so that it becomes a belief,

In the hope that you understand.

I do not understand today, but I shall understand tomorrow.

But all belief creates contradiction in the mind - does it not?

I am not something, I must become something. I have no result, I must achieve a result. I am not this way, I must be this way.

And this contradiction is confusion.

And so, you are not really seeking to understand, are you?

You are seeking to run away from this confusion.

Fear that you will not be able to rid yourself of it.

And so you are not really serious about truth - are you?

You are not really interested to find out - are you?

You want another game to play.

You want another form of entertainment.

Another form of substitution to gratify you.

And so, as long as the mind is seeking for a result, an ambition, an authoritative voice, you cannot find out what truth is - can you?