Robert's Homepage

The following is an excerpt from my 2020 letter 3.

  1. Starting is easy finishing is hard.
  2. Vulnerability is the key to connecting with others.
  3. Let people help you. 
  4. Sleep matters, you can only burn the candle so long until you get burnt.
  5. Much of adult life is spent unconsciously grappling with, but seldom understanding in full, the seeds of childhood experience in the fully grown desires we nurture today. 
  6. If you allow it to, loneliness will poison your thoughts and drive you mad far sooner than you think.
  7. Over intellectualizing is a stand-in for action. There is no substitute for lived experience.
  8. Human connection is a fundamental value to me.
  9. Set aside time regularly each week to reach into the future and imagine a life you think is admirable. 
  10. Life always has problems, the scale simply changes the older you get.