Robert's Homepage

Learning To DJ (2023 - Present)

Online course teaching beginner to intermediate DJ skills

Accelerate your DJ journey and go from beginner to intermediate DJ with my course

Crates (2022)

Intelligent music library

Rekordbox replacement with integrations into Soundcloud and other discovery engines including a “music graph” to discover taste-profile.

Catapult (2022)

Blockchain Faucet as a Service (FaaS)

SaaS product to serve developers in getting access to testnet Ethereum Goerli ETH.

Abandoned: Personal interest level

Stronghold (2022)

Firebase for Crypto and NFTs

Paid backend APIs to handle blockchain SRE, contract deployment and on-chain operations for game developers and ecommerce owners.

Abandoned: Personal interest level

RLP Records (2022)

Blockchain based copyright system based on NFTs using acoustic fingerprints

A prototype for an Ethereum and IPFS blockchain music copyright system

Amplicon (2021)

GitHub for Life Sciences

A prototype for what “GitHub for Life Science” might look like. I had some interesting extension ideas in order to “fullstackize” Life Sciences (see Biology Becomes Engineering), but, in the end I didn’t feel I could dedicate enough effort to it, to make it shine.

Building & Deploying Crypto Trading Bots Book (2019-2021)

A book to learn how to build Heroku for trading bots

A book about building an algorithmic trading bot platform from scratch. I spent two years building the reference codebase and writing the book, unfortunately, in the end I cancelled the project due to external circumstances.

Tradebay (2019-2021)

Heroku for trading bots

It was an algorithmic trading bot management and deployment system. It allowed a user to specify a trading strategy configuration and deploy an algorithmic trader from “the bay”.

Bitzen (2018-2019)

A Bitcoin and Ethereum Exchange.

I wanted to understand how cryptocurrency exchanges worked so I built one for fun. It included an orderbook, exchange matching engine, blockchain wallet creation and monitoring system, and web application.

Koi Self Learning (2018-2019)

A learning management system (LMS) based on a “units of education” framework for self directed learners.

Cryptocurrency Candy Machine (2018)

A gumball machine that accepted cryptocurrency payments with a Raspberry Pi and embedded servo motor.

Ethereum Open Transaction Insurance Market (2017-2018)

Peer To Peer On-Chain Insurance Marketplace

A peer to peer counter-party risk insurance marketplace. I tried building a marketplace on Ethereum where a two parties could purchase counterparty insurance on transactions from a third party peer, and the third party peer could earn a premium. It was kind of like Nexus Mutual, but, for real world transactions.

Carebase (2018)

A primary medical care companion application. Manage prescriptions, appointments and health care information.

Hibernate (2018-2019)

Circadian rhythm alarm clock

Consciousness (2018-2019)

Immutable and pseudonymous social journaling. Think pseudonymous pen-pals.

Posture (2017-2019)

A posture correcting mobile application that aimed to fix neck strain in modern day