Robert's Homepage

  1. If you must track what you read, don’t be too serious about it.
  2. Nobody has the perfect system for you, you have to build what fits for you.
  3. Entering the crawlspace of your greatest fear will be your greatest liberation
  4. You can use art, poetry, and language as a medium to express your sadness, but you can also create beauty from a place of wholeness.
  5. Lots of software invents problems for you in order to sell you more software.
  6. Beauty is symmetry, perfection is non-existent.
  7. Early in life you set your sight on the big stage but that might not be where you really belong.
  8. I am the rhythm of enthusiasm that animates humanity.
  9. If even rats have neural circuitry devoted to play, then you need play and fun in your life too.
  10. Lean into analogism