Robert's Homepage

  1. What loves you never leaves you - love it back.
  2. You have to start the wrong way in order to find the right way.
  3. You will find more opportunities by supporting rather than selling
  4. Write down everything you are ashamed of, it’s the first step to liberating yourself from it.
  5. Envy runs the world not greed; envy and ignorance is a recipe for self inflicted wounds.
  6. The mind is a contradiction, it seeks security but is designed for insecurity
  7. Practice dying everyday - you will soon discover the only life you’ve ever had
  8. You can smile with your inner child whenever you want.
  9. Although you might not think it so: just as others inspire you, you too might be a source of inspiration for others
  10. Following your heart is a foolish thing to do, but sometimes, and you will never understand why, you have to.