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Avoid Project Management Solo Development

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When working on a solo-project, avoid fancy tools for project management (e.g. GitHub Issues, Asana, Trello, etc). These tools, can waste your time on things that don’t matter - pulling the context further from the code (See Code Proximity Conjecture.

You don’t need to “show-that-your-doing-work”- that is vanity and unneeded time spent. The “show-your-work” component of your project is the end state artifact you produce (ie. product or software you are building).

As such, the simplest thing you can do to minimize context loss is keep a basic or _logs/ file in the directory root (make sure to .gitignore it).

# Log
# XYZ Date
* What you did

NEXT: What you need to do next

The NEXT anchors act as Context Rehydration points.

edit: I wrote a small Ruby gem program to help with this called devlogs.