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Tool - New Idea Template

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Attached below is an Obsidian template that can be used for describing and thinking through a new product idea.

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Date: {{date}}


# {{title}}

## Problem

## Solution

## Hypothesis
*<community | people | group> will pay <fixed | recurring> fee to <receive | complete | perform task> with <quickly | efficiently | securely | other-benefit>*


Idea - Dinner Tonight iOS


Busy households have to come up with new meal ideas every day in order to cook for the evening adding additional stress in deciding what to make


An app for tinder style right swipe / left swipe for personal recipes to decide what to make


Household meal preparers would pay a fixed fee to delegate the decision making of what to make for dinner to an application

A mobile phone application containing a title Grilled Salmon and Asparagus with a placeholder image and a listing of the ingredients. Below the description is a heart button and no button

Figure 1: A mockup of the application