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Tool - Self Written Contract


The self written contract is a tool taken from Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way. I do not know why it works but it seems to be able to solidify and ensure commitment to a given path or action.

The tool works as follows:

Suppose you have a decision, action or behaviour that you wish to change. For some reason or other, you have a change or action to take that you find it nearly impossible to commit to; you allow the idea to stir inside the skull until it drives you insane. You see the stupidity in your behaviour of wanting to do it, but not doing, and not doing it, but not discarding it from your thoughts.

To create an ultimatum and urgency within your mind with some “weight” a little dramatization and physical manifestation of this commitment can go a long way. Draft and sign a commitment contract, potentially including stakes as a penalty for failing to follow through.

For example:

I ___________, understand that I wish to undertake a intense program of weightloss and health. I commit myself to this new regime for the next twelve-weeks and will give it my fullest effort. I, _______ commit to doing all the sets, reps, runs and recovery to fulfill each weeks requirements.

I _________, further understand that this regime will be uncomfortable, raise issues, and emotions for me to deal with. But, I _________, commit myself to caring for my well being without quitting on the regime.